Suite Face-Off: OpenOffice Reigns Supreme!

By Ken Burr, Software Reviewer

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Microsoft vs. OpenOffice

Once upon a time, Microsoft Office seemed like the only suite option around. Nearly ubiquitous in office settings, its interface has been the de-facto standard for how office suites operate for years now. That is, until OpenOffice stepped up to the challenge...

OpenOffice has released its long-awaited 3.2 version, which is a FREE, open-source replacement for Microsoft Office. It's the first and only application suite that can be seriously considered to be a substitute for the massive power and flexibility of Microsoft's suite.

OpenOffice Is FREE — Who Doesn't Love Free!?

We put both suites head-to-head, to see which was better. While it was a close match, we have to say, OpenOffice was the champion!

Overall, OpenOffice is impressively fast, just as powerful as Microsoft Office (despite a few limitations) and importantly, it’s free.

Do you have a lot of money to spend on an office suite? Who really does these days?

Unless you've got cash to spend, we say go for OpenOffice.

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Office Reviewer

"I can't believe Microsoft hasn't even added a "back" key to Word 2010. If you click on a link within a document it jumps you to the correct destination. This is great but in large documents it's cumbersome to find your way back. Every browser has a "back" key, why not Word? Alignments of defined paragraph styles still jump around unpredictably.".

Office Reviewer

" is the best, cheapest Desktop alternative to Microsoft Office."

Office Reviewer

"OpenOffice is one of the best deals in all of computing"

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